Chess Lessons

Private chess lessons are available in the Carbondale, Illinois area for students looking to enhance their understanding of chess.

Lessons are provided by a United States Chess Federation (USCF) certified chess coach.

Lesson Plans are available for all levels.

Beginner topics:

  1. How to checkmate
    1. With Queen & King vs King
    2. Two Rooks & King vs King
    3. Rook & King vs King
    4. Contest: Checkmate in the fewest
  2. Learn to do score keeping
  3. Coordinates Training
  4. Place a knight on the board – have them name all possible square for it to move to
  5. Special situations such as:
    1. pawn & king vs king
    2. how to defend; how to advance the pawn
    3. Back-rank mates
    4. Forks and Skewers
  6. How to castle and why
  7. Teach general opening theory:
    1. Importance of controlling the center
    2. Avoid moving the same piece over and over again
    3. Don’t bring out the queen too early
    4. Castle early in the game
    5. Don’t make too many pawn moves early in the game
    6. Develop knights and bishops quickly
  8. Don’t make pointless moves just to put your opponent in check

Intermediate topics:

  1. Chess Puzzles for Children
  2. Chess Tactics Workbooks
  3. Winning Chess Strategies for Kids

Advanced topics:

  1. Chess Sacrifices
  2. Combinations
  3. Modern Chess Openings
  4. Understanding Pawn Play in Chess
  5. Basic Chess Endings
  6. Advanced Chess Strategy

Please contact us for rates and availability.  Subsidized and reasonable rates are available.